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Markets: 20,326
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Market Cap: $230,940,390,268
24h Vol: $93,920,326,648
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eSteem - taking the Steem interface you know and love to the next level. eSteem starts with the Steemit social features - posting, commenting, voting, bookmarking, drafting posts and engaging with users but adds: Push Notifications Real-time notifications for each new comment, mention, follow, unfollow, vote, transfers. Follower Tracking Review and search each new follower's profile, posts. Discover new users. Personalization & Multi-accounts Personalize your profile by setting profile and cover pictures, location, website, about info. Add multiple accounts and switch between them. Additional Security Secure your profile/app with additional PIN code and backup your passwords. Settings Change more settings, adjust voting weight, notifications, connections, currencies, platform, languages. Take your Steemit blog to the next level with eSteem today!

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