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Play and get the 70 ETH Doll!

Mainnet contracts (Ethereum)

Push coins and collect cute CryptoDolls! Use them across the upcomming Dozer series of games - like DozerBird & DozerTreasures to unlock better gameplay and rewards! Or donate them to help UNICEF and be a real crypto hero. Inspired by coin pusher arcade games, CryptoDozer is a coin & doll collecting game - powered by the blockchain. Line up your coins to push CryptoDolls into your collection. Use special in-game items, such as ‘Walls’, ‘Fever Time’ and the powerful ‘Bull Dozer’ to become a CryptoDozer master. Climb the rankings, increase your level and boost the chance of collecting high value CryptoDolls! 🐰🐼🐶 Check out the trailer :

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