Cryptocurrencies: 3,366
Markets: 20,349
ICO's: 4,983
Market Cap: $230,851,755,710
24h Vol: $72,356,174,499
Dominance: 66.1%


# Name Status End Requirements Rewards
Waves Gambling Cash

Waves Gambling Cash offers software for online gambling. We deliver solutions based on blockchain. Our software engineering heritage combined with our strate...

ACTIVE 29 Feb 2020 โ‰ˆ 3 USD
Eggs Crypto Invest

EGCI are economic tokens and investments made using the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20). The purpose of EGCI is to improve the economic prosperity and investment...

ACTIVE 29 Feb 2020 โ‰ˆ 10 USD

Icecat โ€“ a Dutch listed company with an extensive international team โ€“ has started the pre-ICO pre-sales for investors for the ICURY coin. Because of gro...

ACTIVE 30 Mar 2020 โ‰ˆ 2 USD

THDAX - the worldโ€™s first shared ecological cryptocurrency exchange. THDax trading platform is a global digital currency trading service provider, headquar...

ACTIVE 07 Feb 2020 โ‰ˆ 60 USD

180 NF is a decentralized nutrition and fitness app, which is building the world's largest nutritional database and the only one registered in blockchai...

ACTIVE 31 Mar 2020 โ‰ˆ 10 USD
Silver Coin

Silver Coin is a coin created specifically to enter the global market, Silver coin is created using a decentralized smart contract ethereum, Silver coin can ...

ACTIVE 27 Feb 2020 โ‰ˆ 100 USD

Liberty ERC20 Token is a cryptocurrency designed to be extremely rare and thus hold a larger store of value per unit than conventional cryptocurrencies such ...

ACTIVE 31 Jan 2020 โ‰ˆ 10 USD
Personal Wager

Personal Wager aims to create a globally accessible esports player to player (P2P) wagering system, allowing players in any country to wager on their own ski...

ACTIVE 30 Oct 2020 โ‰ˆ 10 USD

We create the best services: the Banking; the Trading.

ACTIVE 31 Jan 2020 โ‰ˆ 7.5 USD
Jalur Panic Team

In order to promote our channel we open a giveaway with a total of 100000 dogecoin. Complete the task below to win it.

ACTIVE 01 Feb 2020 โ‰ˆ 0.26 USD

ARC IRIS HYDROGEN ecosystem is the world's first mining project to protect the environment through a unique energy concept, making bitcoin mining not on...

ACTIVE 30 Apr 2020 โ‰ˆ 50 USD
Proof Of Trade

POT is an open automated investment platform that insures 0.5-0.6% daily to investors, our trading robot is executing orders on HitBTC and gaining profit 24/...

ACTIVE 01 Jan 2021 โ‰ˆ 8 USD

SpeedKingToken is a non-self destructive token with the main use of buying and selling and also exchanging with other cryptocurrencies around the world. It h...

ACTIVE 07 Feb 2020 โ‰ˆ 10 USD
Bitcoin Monkey

Bitcoin Monkey "BTCM" a social experiment for monkeys and humans. The BTCM token a community driven cryptocurrency with no real purpose until proje...

ACTIVE 01 Feb 2020 ? USD

Prometheus has created a fully functional MVP, which will be a base for our platform. It allows the user to connect to the database through a few clicks, sel...

ACTIVE 29 Feb 2020 โ‰ˆ 10 USD

Tronstake (Stake) token is a long term investment token that more or less works like any other cryptocurrency, it can be used to buy or sell other tokens or ...

ACTIVE 01 Feb 2020 โ‰ˆ 2 USD

Cocoricos is a number one tokenization platform for Real-Estate assets on the blockchain. Cocoricos links Project Owners to Investors through a secure and si...

ACTIVE 30 Jul 2020 โ‰ˆ 6.3 USD

Diropia aim to become the world largest knowledge directory by the power of collaboration with the community and rewarding users with points, cash and tokens.

ACTIVE 31 Jan 2020 โ‰ˆ 5 USD

Our vision is to provide complete satisfaction for Crypto enthusiasts to Non Crypto users in the real world by building useful platforms and Integrating them...

ACTIVE 31 Jan 2020 โ‰ˆ 27 USD